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Too much inhalation.

Posted in Uncategorized on May 23, 2011 by D

You just came here.
You thought I didn’t know what to do?
Well..This time I knew perfectly what to do. were stunned.You didn’t believe this might happen?
Well…it did.
Anyway..I’m making my way to another aim.Which is definetely not Y.O.U.
The way which is definetely going to be my way.
No More You.You’re too inhaled.And I am tired of that flavour..or..whatever it’s called.Cuz not even you know what are YOU called like.
I started  my parade.
P.S: And I realised a lot of things since you did what you did.
That’s a good thing!.:):)End of post scriptum.


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bad….bad situation…bad feelings.

it’a all bad!.

another footprints in the mud…

Taking back my..words.:))

Posted in Personal on May 2, 2011 by D

I’m totally taking back my words..There’s no fking perfection bro.:)).Buuutttt, they say you don’t get to know a human being not even if you live for a life together.sooo…Yeah.Keep looking:))