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...Trădător cu suflet de slugă...
[<<That's just what you are,when you smile in my face..[>:)]>>]

Ploaie in luna lui Marte

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Perfecta poezie!<3<3<3Aducere aminte de zilele de mai,iunie,iulie in care pentru prima data simti vara.Si,crezi ca de data asta,fiindca nu mergi la mare,la bunici,totul o sa fie plictisitor..Dar,te salveaza astea.Simti vara cu mirosul ei adevarat,d iarba verde,proaspata si pufoasa.Cu mirosul ei de tei vesel mangaiat de soare,si cu mirosul de vacanta in care te plictisesti,si nu ai altceva de facut,decat sa traiesti povestile de dragoste ale autorilor de proza interbelica.Cu ‘mirosul’ ei de India adusa de  a doua carte fascinanta,si intensificarea lui cu serial enervant.Asta e o vara perfecta!:D o mirodenie de ‘tester’:

Ploaie în luna lui Marte

Ploua infernal,
si noi ne iubeam prin mansarde.
Prin cerul ferestrei, oval,
norii curgeau în luna lui Marte.

Peretii odaii erau
nelinistiti, sub desene în creta.
Sufletele noastre dansau
nevazute-ntr-o lume concreta.

O să te ploua pe aripi, spuneai,
ploua cu globuri pe glob si prin vreme.
Nu-i nimic, iti spuneam, Lorelei,
mie-mi ploua zborul, cu pene.

Si mă-naltam. Si nu mai stiam unde-mi
lasasem în lume odaia.
Tu mă strigai din urma: raspunde-mi, raspunde-mi,
cine-s mai frumosi: oamenii?… ploaia?…

Ploua infernal, ploaie de tot nebuneasca,
si noi ne iubeam prin mansarde.
N-as mai fi vrut să se sfirseasca
niciodata-acea luna-a lui Marte.


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Because we sometimes get visits by traffic,and that’s disturbing for our brains..

An aim.I’ve started to think about it.And I’ve figured it out.But,I’m not sure yet that I have all the power I need.Anyway,I will start step by step.And,I’ve already made one.Next?I don’t know.I’m going to start to get used to my first step.To know it good enough,so in my last minute,I can write down everything I know.

I will also use my steps to have a ‘history to tell’.And,I think it’s going to be fantastic..And,ambitious.I know I have a lot of work to do,but,I don’t care.If I start now,I know I will do well..Hopefully :D.I found a lot of examples,and as usually,I try to find myself in one.But..I know that I’m in many,and not even in one.Because,I’ve been once again through that,I know I’m going to be MY example.

Aims are sometimes difficult,and hard to have if you’re missing ambition and willing.I can say I’m 35% like that.It doesn’t matter.I sometimes get touched by some bad ‘values’ like those,but finally..the other side wins.That’s good.It is.


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Am I really a sinner?How much % am I a saint?How do you call this?Ponishment?

Am I really going to have a charmy star or a lucky faith?By now..I can tell..Not that sure ’bout it.But I have hope in my pocket.

When am I sure that there’s gonna be a lucky time?A lucky break?A sweet revange?Mine all those..



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And again..You reEnter the game,and you expect me to join it..let me tell ya something,I quit,cause there’s no more euphoria inside,and no more ‘feelings box’..I’m just gonna wait.Wait for you to grow up.

Warning.Just..a warning!

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Even now that you’re dead,you’re presence still lingers here..And,I know I sound machiavelic but,I know you’re gonna live again,and again,cause you’re the person with the hundreds oportunities to die and wake up so many times.Because I give you those.And I also know,that you’re close to dying forever,but,i won’t be sorry for not being able to revive you again..because from that moment,you’ll be dead for eternity.And you’ll beg for alive,but I won’t do a thing!

Because you will have lost your chances by then…

So,as  a post scriptum : you choose!;)

Taste of desire

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Complaining of everything.Complaining of my mind which can’t kick out the idiot with strength.Complaining that he’s too blind.Complaining that he loves me but he doesn’t say it loud.Complaining that he’s afraid.Complaining that he might die once and loose him..And he will,soon..Cause I’m gonna kill’em.See me at the news.