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Dilit`ura` diendreasca.[?]

Posted in Personal on November 12, 2009 by D


Yeah..So after I`ve read some others blogs,I  decided to..write in English.Why? I don`t really know.Maybe because it`s a common language?So everyone can get it.

So…This week we had a check..?I don`t really know how to say that..but those guys,who came from another city,who have a higher level than teachers..kept us kinda` busy all week.They expected us to be really great.!Like..Come`onn man…who can be that awesome.A few  of them,were nice.But the rest..Ahh..they were kind of mean..somehow.Finally.

I don`t know why..but I always find my self writing on my blog,when the after day,is really busy.

Like,tomorrow,I have 2 tests.God,geometry..who knows geometry..??[not me..that`s for sure.!.],+ a geography test.Isn`t this the greatest?I mean..I`m not really worried about geography,because,i kind of like it..but..geometry..?Totally strange to me!.

Oh..and btw!Sorry if my life it`s too ordinary,but..that`s it.This is all I can say.

Coming I was telling you guys..I have known  the geography, for months.So..I don`t think I will go over it…Okay..just a bit maybe.At geometry..I think I have to go over all the lessons.By the way..Monday..i had such a horrible sport class..Man,I so suck at this subject.I mean..not that much,but..I know what`s the matter.Khh..Too bad I can`t say it aloud.I`m like  a full vulcano,which wants to errupt,ut it can`t,because it has a lid over it.Whatever..Like really now..Who cares `bout it..?haha.^|^

Told you we had a check at our birth languagee.?[haha,what a name.Diandra!!]

Well..I`m telling you for now..So,our masterclass told me and 2 of my mates,to bring out our portfolio,and I don`t have a printer..HaHaHa!!![:))]I suck..I know..SO I told one of my mats to get me out something..but as I can see…She`s not going to..Yup..This is the life.Ohh..I remembered something.!Now..for I don`t know what reason..I kind of like Demi Lovato..And I don`t know why..Really..Before,I didn`t like her,But now,I listened a sonf of her,and it brought me to X-mas..:DI think that`s why…

Another chapter.I don`t know.

I`m waiting for Christmas.Lol..I know it`s suuper early but..I mn..wait a sec.We`re in Nov.Cool!.^_^

Can`t wait for it.Yayy..Presents,clothing,snowwwwww,so much funnxDxDxD.Love it.:x


Okay..I guess I gotta go.And reaaaaadddddd!!And study for Mth.G!

Wish me `luck`.


See ya soon[lol] ^_^,


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